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Sacred Heart Archabbey

St. Ottilien, Germany

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Started on 6 January 1884 as Religious House in Reichenbach, Diocese of Regensburg, which was left on 7 November 1887.
Monastery in Emming - St. Ottilien started on 13 January 1887 which was made main house.
Promoted to the grade of Conventual Priory on 13 December 1896
Promoted to the grade of an Abbey on 28 June 1902
Received title of an Archabbey on 12 March 1914
Suppressed on 17 April 1941
Restored on 15 May 1945


Erzabtei St. Ottilien
D-86941 St. Ottilien

Phone +49 8193 71 0
Fax +49 8193 71 332

The community


The first Mission House in Germany was opened in 1884 by Father Andrew Amrhein from Beuron at the former Abbey of Reichenbach in the Upper Palatinate. Three years later this Institute was transferred to an old castle in Emming with a small pilgrimage chapel dedicated to St.Ottilia. This little settlement developed into the present St.Ottilien. Father Amrhein resigned in 1896 and his Institute became the Benedictine Priory of St.Ottilien in that same year. It was elevated to an abbey in 1902 and became the Mother House of many monastic foundations and the Centre of the Benedictine Congregation of St.Ottilien whose chief work is the Foreign Missions. In 1887 a vast territory comprising the southern part, about one third, of former German East Africa was entrusted to St.Ottilien. After a temporary expulsion of the German Missionaries during the First World War, the Benedictines returned to Tanganyika in 1922 and took over the southern strip of their former Mission, where they established the Apostolic Prefecture of Lindi. This new start developed into the flourishing Abbeys Nullius of Peramiho and Ndanda. The Benedictines of the Ottilien Congregation are working in five Dioceses in Tanzania and since 1971 they are also in Kenya. A new Mission in South Africa was accepted by the Congregation in 1922 at Eshowe in Zululand. The Mission in Asia began in 1909 with the foundation of a monastery - the future Abbey of St. Benedict - as a religious- cultural centre in Seoul, Korea. Later in 1920 the Congregation accepted two large Mission Territories; one in North Korea, the Abbey Nullius of Tokwon and the other in Manchuria, the Abbey and Diocese of Yenki. The present Abbey of Waegwan is the continuation of these missions. Monks frorn St. Ottilien have been active in South America since 1923 and founded the Abbey of San José in Caracas, Venezuela and a priory in Colombia. The Archabbey conducts a High School, Junior College and a retreat House at St.Ottilien. The monks also run the EOS Publishing House, a farm and several workshops with training facilities for apprentices.

The Monastery Church

Archabbot Jeremias Schröder O.S.B. and his coat of arms


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The official St Ottilien Directory


The background sound is the hymn "Hail Queen of heaven the Ocean Star" in reverence to Archabbot Jeremias Schröder's motto: "Respice Stellam"

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